Scale The Summit

Scale the Summit is an American progressive metal band based out of Houston, Texas. It formed in 2004 and signed to Prosthetic Records. The band is influenced by other progressive acts such as Cynic and Dream Theater. However, unlike most other progressive metal bands, they have no vocalist and play instrumental music. The band gained notice as part of the Progressive Nation 2009 tour with Dream Theater, Zappa Plays Zappa and Bigelf.
In a music industry engulfed in replication and mediocrity, SCALE THE SUMMIT has cemented their position as young mavericks ( the quartet boasts an average age of 22) with their blend of organic and melodic instrumental music.
SCALE THE SUMMIT’s influences aren’t the obvious names you’d expect – The band reveres the technicality of Dream Theater and Cynic – but at the same time, Letchford feels the band has taken strides toward developing it’s own identity. “Our music is very organic-sounding. Since we started writinfg music, we’ve had people talking about how our music takes them on a journey, so we decided to call it “Adventure Metal” It felt better than just calling it “Progressive Metal.”
Scale The Summit – Blue Sun Official video

Scale the Summit – “Stolas” Official Music Video

Scale The Summit – “Kestrel”

Christy Lee

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