Stop Everything And Stream MAAHLAS New Music Video ‘Nightmare Years’





Norwegian Blackened, Progressive Death band Maahlas is proud to introduce themselves to you  through a pulse quickening video of their Nightmare Years. Maahlas; from the home of dark, fierce metal… Maahlas; rooted in the black, progressive, melodic yet unhinged… Maahlas, unbound by any convention, rule and heedless of expectations… And Nightmare Years,an unforeseen awakening into a chaotic madness.

The concept of this album is en epic journey through time and space; the predestined rise and fall of the human race and the evolution of the next; the Homo Sentient. In Nightmare Years, the sleepers of a 1000 year journey towards the habitable exoplanet Gliese 676Cc are prematurely awakened, into madness… the outcome is not pretty.

”The story of the concept album is so abstact and we are so picky that it would have taken a feature film budget to make a worthy music video with this storyline. So we chose to introduce ourselves to you instead.” comments the vocalist of Maahlas and the maker of the music video Levent.



Maahlas – Nightmare Years (Music Video)


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