Poodle headbangs to System of a Down Song ‘Bounce’ in Secret Life of Pets

System of a Down’s  song ‘Bounce’ is in the new trailer for the animated kids movie  The Secret  Life of Pets . The adorable 3-minute clip starts off innocently enough, using Basement Jaxx’s swinging, upbeat song “Do Your Thing” as the soundtrack for the funny and adorable clips of pets doing things when their owners’ leave them at home. But wait it out, around the 2:15 mark a snooty owner leaves his poodle at home. As soon as the owner is out of sight, the dog changes the classical music to System of a Down and rocks out.


The Secret Life of Pets was created by the people behind Despicable Me and features the voices of The Office’s Ellie Kemper, comedians Kevin Hart and Louis C.K. and more. It’s set to come out July 6, 2016.

It’s recently been announced that System of a Down’s music is also included in the new Guitar Hero reboot, Guitar Hero Live. Players of the game will be able to jam along with the group’s tune “Chop Suey,” which is included in the ever-growing list of tracks available for the game.

System of a Down are currently in Canada. They play in Toronto, Ontario, tonight (June 19) and head to the Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, Quebec, on Saturday (June 20.) After those dates, they don’t have anything on deck until they perform at Rock In Rio in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, on Sept. 24.

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