Marilyn Manson Tour Is A Hot Mess

Right now, Marilyn Manson is on tour with Slipknot, in a massive “Monsters Of Scaring People In The ’90s” outdoor-shed trek. (That’s not the actual name of the tour, but it should be.) Slipknot have been holding up their end of things, performing hard every night even though frontman Corey Taylor is in a neck brace after going through spinal surgery. As for Manson, though, things are not going so well. Consider, for example, this video of him incoherently moaning, struggling to maintain his balance, and messing with equipment while singing “The Beautiful People” in Hershey a couple of weeks ago:

During that same show Manson also told a stagehand, “I don’t want to fall onto my dick with that cord, so can you fix it please? And don’t give me an uppity look, because you’re not black.” Yee. Here’s video.

And as Alternative Nation reports, Manson was either very high or very drunk when performing “The Beautiful People” in Bristow, Virginia last night, and he fell offstage while singing:

Manson has announced that he’s releasing a new album called SAY10 next year on Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, he can get his shit together by then.

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