Black Sabbath Classic Paranoid Released 46 Years Ago Today

Black Sabbath’s classic heavy metal album Paranoid debuted in the UK 46 years ago today, September 18, 1970.  Black Sabbath is currently on the road with their The End tour, a worldwide tour aimed at cementing their legacy.  I just saw their The End show in Albuquerque on September 9, and I can confirm that their setlist includes 6 of Paranoid‘s 8 tracks-more than any of the other albums they’ve chosen to represent (with 3 tracks from Black Sabbath, 3 from Master of Reality, 1 from Volume 4, and 1 from Technical Ecstasy [Full Albuquerque Setlist]).  While two of the three selections from Black Sabbath are technically suites, the fact remains that Paranoid provides the bulk of material for The End.  Tracks from Paranoid are “War Pigs,” “Iron Man,” “Hand of Doom,” “Rat Salad,” “Faries Wear Boots,” and the title track, which serves as the  concert’s encore.  There seems little doubt that Black Sabbath considers this album representative of their contribution to heavy metal


Written by Dr. Metal

Acknowledgement: Black Sabbath superfan Robin Scott posted the release anniversary on another forum today, inspiring this post.

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