Exit, Stage Left: Black Sabbath Plays Final North American Show

The End has come.  Or, actually, has gone.  Black Sabbath completed the North American leg of The End, their final world tour, on November 12, 2016 at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Photo Credit: Black Sabbath Facebook Page

They did exit stage left, left-handed Tony Iommi’s side of the stage.  Iommi was the last to leave the stage.  As the only member to have always sustained the Black Sabbath phenomenon over the decades, and thus, to have made this possible, his leaving last was as it should be.

The history of it is setting in now.  It’s The End.  That fact was brought home earlier this week when Tony Iommi posted this on his Facebook Page:

Photo Credit: Tony Iommi Facebook Page

I’m glad I got to see the show when they stopped in Albuquerque, NM (you can share my experience here).  For those who did not get to see The End, here is a picture of their last North American bow.

Photo Credit: Marcos Javier Soria, Black Sabbath Global Convention

I want to thank Black Sabbath for their astonishing grace.  They have offered The End to as many of us as they can reach.  They have extended and expanded the tour more than once for us.  They have played the same set for much of the tour and, thus, given us all an experience that can be more easily shared.  Going out in style is one thing, but when you are the ones who have determined the style, then going out with class rises to the level of a blessing.

Thank you for blessing us all.

In the name of the Geezer

and of the Ozzy

and of the Tony



Written by Dr. Metal, Vinyl Lair

November 13, 2016




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