On This Day in History

On this date in history, I witnessed my first Pantera show back in 1995 at the Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis. From start to finish it was an absolutely pepsi collusieumastounding display of vulgar power…truly stronger than all! The show started with a really solid set by the goth metal powerhouse, Type O Negative. I remember complaining about the guitar player’s sound, but other than that small detail, I thoroughly enjoyed their time on the stage. Peter Steele was amazing, from his general appearance (jet black hair, tall and menacing sinister demeanor) to his hilarious comments between songs. At one point he proclaimed that if it would have been up to him we would have all been allowed into the show for free. Of course the crowd roared its approval…until he said in that deep, diabolical voice of his, “But I would charge you all $50 apiece to leeeeeeaaaave!” Too awesome!


Pantera & Type O Negative Tour



As good as they were, there was an electric feeling of anticipation in the air as we awaited Pantera’s arrival. From the moment they hit the stage it was as if a bomb had detonated and scattered us to the four corners as a churning maelstrom of mosh pit frenzy broke out in the middle of the floor. This was metal 101, every song, every riff, every note, designed to pulverize and conquer the devoted fans of the best metal band (in my humble opinion) to ever take a stage. Phil Anselmo was ill that night, but you would never have known it by his performance. He sang like a man possessed, and his energy was boundless. Dime demonstrated over and over why he was the king of metal guitar, matching Phil’s energy and boosting it even further. Rex and Vinnie laid down the fat Texas grooves that allowed Dime to build mansions of intense molten lava glorious riffs upon. Pantera had SONGS, plain and simple. There will never be anything like them again…often imitated, but never duplicated. Dime and Peter Steele are both gone, and I am so lucky and fortunate that I got to see them both on this magical night. Long live PanterA!

Pantera concert disturbed by Type O Negative



Written By:  Braddon S. Williams

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