On This Day in History

On this date in history, Part 1: images

On this date in history, Part 1: The Vogue Nightclub in Broad Ripple was the scene of an eclectic collection of bands on this evening in 1994. The lineup featured Fishbone, Biohazard, and Citizen King…3 bands with not much in common, but somehow it worked perfectly. I personally enjoy diversity, so this mix was perfect for me.

Citizen King started the show and played a bouncy little opening set that was short, fun and a great mood setter.

Biohazard at the Dour Festival, 2003.

Biohazard followed with some Brooklyn brutality. Their punishing set had moshpits and crowd surfing transforming the intimate and historical venue into a sweaty sea of violence.


Fishbone combined elements of both the openers and added several other styles as well. Reggae, R & B, Hard Rock, Metal, Ska…they blended all of it into their own gumbo of high energy fun. Fishbone had several members sharing lead vocals and their harmonies and songs that featured their horns definitely set them apart and earned them their headliner status. Angelo Moore, the primary lead vocalist, was a wild man and so charismatic.

All in all, if you couldn’t find something to groove to or bang your head to, you might be lacking a pulse! Great club show…nothing beats a small room going crazy for some killer bands.

Written By Braddon S. Williams



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