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On this date in history, Part 2:

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The final time I was privileged to see the immortal PanterA was in 2001 at the Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis. The set they played was the benchmark that I measure all metal performances by…and all have fallen short of the magic they had that night.

Before I say more, let’s go back to the beginning, because there were 3 other great performances at this show. Nothingface led off and played a really enjoyable set. Sometimes the first band gets lost in the shuffle. They traditionally get the shortest amount of time and the lowest quality sound and lights. Nothingface came out swinging and I thought they gained some fans for certain…I must say I was one of them.

Next up was Morbid Angel. 3857141f063a7533827414cf238f204a

They are a legendary death metal band and at the time I have to confess that I wasn’t really a fan of the genre. This changed pretty much as soon as they took the stage. I was blown away by the precision, the ferocity, and the performance itself. Trey Azagthoth, the lead guitarist, just shredded insanely, so I give him a lot of credit for converting me. The other deciding factor occurred when Phil Anselmo joined Morbid Angel for a song, bringing the crowd to a new level of crazy!

After the death metal onslaught ended, Soulfly brought their brand of Brazilian groove, full of percussion and the mighty roar of Max


Cavalera…the Bob Marley of metal! The highlight of their killer set was when they lined the stage with various tribal drums and were joined by Vinnie Paul in a drum line that crushed!

As great as all of this was, it was just a prelude to the incomparable performance that PanterA unleashed on us. I was lucky enough to see them 4 times and they always killed it live, but this final show just really stood out.


Photo Credit:  Rolling Stone Magazine



They didn’t really do anything different in terms of the songs they played…Walk, Becoming, 5 Minutes Alone, This Love…all the classics were featured. I think what was different was simply that they were having fun and they knew they were on fire.

Pantera – Extreme Steel U S Tour(Full Concert)


There was a break between songs in the middle of the set where the guys were tossing around names of bands they wanted to bring on tour the next time around. Motorhead was mentioned…but we all know that things were soon to change  and those future tours never materialized.

I take comfort in knowing I saw them at their best and at least that night they were all truly brothers, enjoying their power as a unit, secure in knowing they were one of the best metal bands to ever walk the earth. Long Live PanterA!

Written By Braddon S. Williams





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