On This Day in History


On this date in history, I saw Tesla in 2001 at The Vogue nightclub in Broad Ripple. They had been on hiatus for 6 years and had returned to touring in 2000. I had seen them once before in their hayday, opening for Poison. Seeing them headline in an intimate club setting was excellent, and it was evident that they had rekindled their passion for performing during their time away.


There was a sense of playful camaraderie among the band members on stage that helped feed the audience to musician exchange that is so integral to great live music. I don’t recall them playing anything new, but they pulled out all their best stuff and had everyone singing along and dancing in their seats.

My only complaint was the choice of a local metal band as the opener. Normally, I’m all about diversity, but this band (who I believe was called Scar) just didn’t fit the vibe that Tesla projects. It’s not that they were bad musically, but they played all original stuff that basically only their friends and fans would recognize. The rest of us had to patiently wait for Tesla. Good thing for us, Tesla was worth the wait…killer band, killer tunes, killer show!

Written By Braddon S. Williams

TESLA – “Live in the USA” – 2001


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