DANZIG Thinks California Wildfires Could Be Acts Of Terrorism


Glenn Danzig has said some fairly outlandish things in the past, like he would’ve played Wolverine “less gay”, though I’d venture to say that this isn’t one of them. In an interview with 95.5 KLOS, Danzig suggested that the California wildfires that have ravaged landscapes and taken homes could be possible acts of terrorism.

“I have a theory about fires in California: terrorism. It’s maximum amount of carnage for the littlest amount of money: a match and a can of gas. And you go out and [find] a brush and boom! It doesn’t cost a lot of money [and] it’s done. That’s really what it’s about, right?

“If you’re gonna outlaw guns, some guy just decides he’s gonna plow a giant truck into a ton of people in France and kills way more people.

“If somebody wants to do something terrible like that, they’re gonna do it.”

The only real argument I could think of against this is that acts of terrorism are usually gleefully claimed by the groups or cells that cause it, and fires a little anonymous. Though starting a fire is cheap, likely not very hard to be unnoticed, and can potentially cause a ton of damage. So I see where his logic is coming from, though the first point kind of counterbalances the logic of the latter.

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