GWAR To Release Orgasmageddon Comic In June


Gwar is currently working on a new album, though the tradeoff for a new album this year is no GWAR-B-Q. While that sucks, the blow is softened just a little bit with the knowledge that Gwar: Orgasmageddon will be out in June via Dynamite Entertainment!

Writer of the comic Matt Miner expects the band’s fans and comic fans alike to enjoy the release, and even says that Gwar are helping out with the art and writing.

“People who love fun comics are gonna dig this crazy story that dives into the past and shows how GWAR not only created humans, but shaped our history to what we now know as our actual modern day reality. GWAR fans are going to love that all the creators on the book are fans — every single one, from me and artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, all the way to every single variant cover artist — and GWAR themselves are contributing art and co-writing the book, to boot.”

Grab a pre-order form from Miner’s website, and make sure you’re shopping local!


Dynamite Entertainment and GWAR Orgasmageddon

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