The New Black Veil Brides Album Is Done


The Black Veil Brides album is FINISHED!

Okay, everybody stay calm.

Producer John Feldmann posted to his Instagram saying, “So stoked to call this a wrap on @blackveilbrides #bvb5…” meaning that the album is officially done.


In an interview with us at the start of the year, frontman Andy Biersack explained what we can expect from the new album…

It’s a real combination of things, and generally heavier too – but not just for the sake of it.

To me it’s just a Black Veil Brides album, and that’s awesome. We should know how to sound like ourselves at this point! I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved.”

We don’t know when we’ll hear the first sounds of it, but let’s hope it’s soon, really really soon.

Black Veil Brides – The Outsider

Black Veil Brides will also play High Elevation festival in September, see the current line-up below.


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