CYPRESS HILL & The London Symphony Orchestra Simpsons Joke Could Turn Into Reality


It’s been twenty years since one of the greatest episodes of The Simpsons of all time, Season 7, episode 24, titled “Homerpalooza,” where Homer goes to join the traveling music festival (then a parody of Lollapalooza). While every episode is ripe with great quotes, this one has so many I still repeat to this day, namely this scene:


Another signature scene of this episode is the London Symphony Orchestra showing up and jamming with Cypress Hill. Then, something magical happened. They actually started talking about collaborating for real. Things got so crazy even The Simpsons season seven co-executive producer Josh Weinstein gave his full approval.


The London Symphony Orchestra confirmed in a later tweet that both sides people are talking. This is actually going to happen?! For now, let’s enjoy this classic clip:

Cypress Hill feat. London Symphony Orchestra — The Simpsons



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