Kurt Cobain, Portrayed by Macaulay Culkin, Gets Crucified by a McDonald’s Army in New Father John Misty Video

Father John Misty – “Total Entertainment Forever”

Indie / folk rocker Father John Misty just upped the ante for weird music videos. In the new clip for “Total Entertainment Forever,” Macaulay Culkin plays the part of late Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain getting whipped and crucified by a group of knock-off Ronald McDonalds.

“Total Entertainment Forever” comes from Father John Misty’s 2017 album, Pure Comedy. Misty shows his heart for absurdist and black comedy in the new music video, treating Cobain as a Christ figure in his final hours. The Romans in this video are played by a bizarre McDonald’s army, who read off Cobain’s list of crimes which include, “Sold kids for food” (paying tribute to “In Bloom”) and “A Denial” (referencing “Smells Like Teen Spirit”). The crosses will also bring Nirvana fans back to the band’s iconic “Heart-Shaped Box” video.

Far removed from his child star fame in Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin is dressed in Cobain’s classic green cardigan, ripped jeans, Converse All-Stars and oversized white sunglasses as he’s tied to a post and whipped by the McRomans. He’s eventually nailed to a cross and left to perish with his apparent disciples, Bill Clinton and Jon Arbuckle from the Garfield comics.

Adding a more modern edge to Culkin’s crucifixion is the sign placed above his head: King of the Cucks. The video also pays sick tribute to Alien, as a paper mache clown pops out the stomach of one of the McDonald’s military men.

Beyond the wildly entertaining video, fans of softer rock in the vein of Elton John or Oasis may end up loving the song itself, so give it a listen!

By Graham Hartmann

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