Metallica Offer to Replace Tribute Band Blistered Earth’s Stolen Gear Read More: Metallica Replace Tribute Band Blistered Earth’s Stolen Gear

Metallica Step Up in Big Way To Help Tribute Band

It’s always a sad day when reports surface that another rock or metal act has had their gear stolen outside of a show. As the touring demand continues to tick upward, more bands are out on the road more frequently than ever, leaving more opportunities for theft. The Metallica tribute band Blistered Earth were the latest victims, but their idols came to the rescue.

The Oregonian / Oregon Live reports that Blistered Earth had thousands of dollars of equipment stolen from them after performing in Portland, Oregon. Local news outlets also reported on the incident, which eventually attracted the attention of Metallica themselves, who decided to replace every piece of gear. “It’s pretty cool that [Metallica] decided to do that. It’s a pretty nice gesture,” said drummer Shawn Murphy.

The tribute act was contacted by Metallica’s representation, who asked them to provide a list of all the gear that was taken. And it’s also reported that Lars Ulrich himself reached out to Blistered Earth’s drummer to let them know the band would help them out. The group had already inventoried their equipment as they were on tour and a list of it all can be seen in the band’s Facebook post below.

10334436_1047391941994151_8210177536845231757_nBlistered Earth: Here’s the complete list of everything that was stolen from us on Saturday. We really appreciate everyone’s feedback and the support from people in Portland has been overwhelming. Proof that you can’t judge a city based on a few bad apples.Guitars (all with cases), 1989 Gibson Explorer, ESP LTD KH 602, 2007 Gibson Flying V,  Peavey Grind Bass, 2016 Rickenbacher Bass,Amps,  Line 6 Spider Valve MKII HD100 amp headwith Line 6 FBV Shortboard MKII and Road Case, Mesa Boogie Mark V Amp Head with footswitch, Marshall JCM 800 2203X Tube Guitar Amplifier Head with Road Case, Peavey Series 402 Bass Head, B52 AT412A Guitar Cab, Peavey Bass Cab 15’’, Peavey Bass Cab 4×10’’, Marshall 1960A Guitar Cab, Pedals, Morley Bad Horsie V2 Wah Pedal, Electroharmonix Metal Muff, Boss Super Overdrive SD-1, TC Electronic Polytune, BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus, Fulltone Custom Shop ABY True-Path Pedal, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808, Drums, Matching TAMA Granstar kit with 2 kicks, four rack toms, two floor toms, and a snare (all with matching shark tooth lugs), 5 cymbal stands, hi hat stand, throne, and stick bag.


“The average person wouldn’t realize how common it is or how much of a target a band is when they’re on the road,” added Murphy. “You’re a stranger in a strange land, basically. People know that and they can take advantage.” Blistered Earth will ramp up their security next time as the skinsman explained, “Boot on the van. GPS. It’s going to have to be the whole deal. You’re almost fighting yourself with it. It’s like, ‘God, does it have to come to this? Do I have to be that vigilant?’”

This move is a far cry from when Metallica tribute act Sandman were issued a cease and desist letter from one of thrash titans’ attorneys for using “official, stylized logos.” As it turned out, Metallica themselves were unaware of the action and learned of the story when news broke online. They rescinded the suit, putting their full support behind all ‘Tallica tributes and Lars Ulrich even gave one of the members a call to give the band his personal blessing to continue.

Update: Our Loudwire Nights affiliate 96.3 The Blaze in Missoula spoke with Blistered Earth vocalist Jared Kiess to get the full story. Listen below:

Metallica Replaces Stolen Gear For Missoula Band Blistered Earth


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