On This Day in History


On this date in history, 5/13/17, I reached musical nirvana at the Opeth, Gojira, Devin Townsend Project concert at Old National Centre’s Egyptian Room in Indianapolis.

This multinational assault featured Sweden’s Opeth, France’s Gojira, and Canada’s Devin townsend Project, each playing a headliner worthy set of creative mastery and unbridled passionate devotion to their uniquely individual metal styles. devin_toensend_project_i_by_henrikack-d41mafa

Hevy Devy started things off with a full throttle condensed selection of songs from his various solo efforts, a veritable highlight reel of his career in a spellbinding half hour set.

Devin Townsend Project – Stormbending


His vocals were absolutely breathtaking and his antics onstage were often hilarious as he made faces and funny comments throughout, showing his goofy nature, obviously loving every minute of it.

This was the final night of the tour for the Project, and all 3 bands displayed massive respect for each other. I can’t recall ever hearing a band open a show with the amount of power that the DTP displayed. This was further proof that Opeth takes great care of their openers.

GOJ-212Next up was the ferocious Gojira. They had the most physical effect on the crowd, inciting some frantic moshpits with their hypnotically crushing wall of sound.

Gojira – The Cell


The lead singer, Joe Duplantier, at one point made an intensely heartfelt speech about living in the moment, and looking around and really seeing everyone doing just that was a powerfully emotional wave that surged through the crowd.

Photo Credit:  facebook.com/GojiraMusic/


One thing all the bands shared besides their excellence was the fact that they are all built on top of unbelievably talented drummers.

Gojira’s set began with the drummer starting the first song by himself, laying down a pulverizing beat that was joined by a relentless wall of sound that continued for their entire set. I’m officially a big fan and will be purchasing some of their music with a quickness.

Opeth capped this evening of extraordinary music with a majestic display of their nearly limitless range, effortlessly shifting in and out of genre upon genre of styles, like a snake shedding its skin, or a caterpillar being reborn as a raging dragon.




Mikael Akerfeldt was superb in his vocals, his guitar playing, and his role as master of ceremonies, always charming and often stand up comedian level funny.

Photo Credit: facebook.com/Opeth/


I went to this show expecting it to be one of the best of my concert career, and I was absolutely correct! Shows like this are better than any drug or drink on the planet…I feel so incredibly alive right now. Music makes everything better!

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka   The Concert Critic



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