On This Day in History

c42c6f39eddbfae4e41f97ef8c22284dOn this date in history, 5/17/2003, I went to Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, which at that time was called Verizon Wireless Music Center, but will forever be referred to by its original name in my memory, which was Deer

Creek Music Center, or Deer Creek for short!

Now that we have that detail out of the way, the show featured ZZ 470277728Top, Ted Nugent, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd & Double Trouble…yes, THAT Double Trouble, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s backing band.



Due to a chronically late person that I went to the concert with, we didn’t arrive until after they finished their set. This put me in a foul mood, but Ted Nugent quickly made things better by playing a great set of Ted Nugent music!



The headliners, the bearded wonders from Texas, ZZ Top closed the show in all their bluesy glory. Billy Gibbons is the epitome of cool, a sharp dressed man playing a razor sharp array of cool guitars, matched in all his patented stage moves by his bass playing twin named Dusty Hill.

The beardless Frank Beard pounded out the beats to all those MTV hits and the even better stuff like “La Grange”, “Tush”, and “Jesus Just Left Chicago”.

I have seen both ZZ Top and Ted Nugent play better shows, but any time I can see them together is a pretty solid day.


Sure wish I could have seen Kenny and Double Trouble, though. I bet that was amazing. Sound off if you were there and let me know what I missed!

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka The Concert Critic

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