On This Day in History

On this date in history, 6/2/1988, an evening of guitar wizardry was in store for my friends and I as we witnessed Joe Satriani and his band at The Vogue nightclub in Broad Ripple.

As I have stated before, The Vogue is a special place, steeped in musical history and practically seeping music out of its walls and floor. Visibility and sound are always top notch and this night was no exception.

Joe Satriani on guitar, Stu Hamm on bass, and Jonathon Mover on drums…3 masterful musicians playing all instrumental music to an audience comprised of predominantly musicians; a perfect combination for the incredible performance we experienced.

Joe was riding the wave of his album Surfing With The Alien, and every note and phrase that he played were the equivalent of hanging ten on the Rings of Saturn. It wasn’t all about Joe, either. The other guys got plenty of time to shine in all the compositions and each did a solo spot on their own.

Stu Hamm nearly stole the show with his clinic of diverse styles on his bass. He played some nasty ‘slappin’ da bass’ style funk and segued into some intense (and intensely weird) country ‘chicken pickin’ before ending with a 2 handed glorious rendition of the Charlie Brown theme song.

Throughout the performance, Joe dazzled us with technique, but his biggest strengths were his amazing tone and his signature melodies that were woven into his songs like a tapestry of cool. For their encore, they played a killer version of “Birdland” by Weather Report. For a bonus, my friend Scarlett got Joe to sign autographs for us.

Written By The Concert Critic

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