On This Day in History

ZebraPhotoOn this date in history, 6/4/1983, ZZ Top and Zebra appeared in concert at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis.
Zebra had been getting some attention on the local FM radio station, WFBQ, and they were touring in support of their second album. I always thought they were kind of a poor man’s Rush, but they rocked out and did their thing and were well received by the crowd.
With that being said, we all knew who we were there to see, and the Texas trio delivered their down and dirty odes to wild women, fast cars, and cheap sunglasses.
All the stars and planets had
come together for ZZ Top in 1983. They released Eliminator in March and it eventually went Diamond, meaning it sold over 10 million copies.
The MTV videos (remember those? music videos?) portrayed Billy, Dusty, and Frank as these mythic cool characters and it carried over into their performance.

ZZ Top La Grange live 1982


It was certainly awesome that they garnered all this success after being around since the late 60’s, but they had built their reputation on their music and playing first, and that foundation was evident as they blazed through the classics like “Tush”, “La Grange” and many others in addition to the slicker new stuff. And in 2017 they are still going strong. Long live ZZ Top!
Written By Braddon S. Williams aka The Concert Critic

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