On This Day in History

On this date in history, 6/4/1989, a hair metal show featuring Ratt, Great White, and Warrant descended on the still brand new Deer Creek facility in Noblesville, IN.

As I have already reported, the first rock show at that venue had occurred just a couple of weeks previously.

2224a26e448365fc551ed588c03f3530The hair metal phenomenon was in full swing and this was a good lineup of bands that more or less complimented each other’s styles.


Warrant opened the show with their stylized choreography, pop metal, hook filled songs featuring the soaring lead vocals of Jani Lane and plenty of flashy guitar solos. The ‘80s hair metal scene produced its share of great music.

Great White followed with a much bluesier approach, but Jack OutoftheNightGWRussell’s vocals were also in the high register and lead guitar was the guiding force of the music.

Ratt were champions of the sleaze rock style and probably owe Aerosmith a great amount of thanks for showing them the way to do it.

Stephen Pearcy sang with a much grittier and harsher vocal style that set his band apart from the rest of the hair metal scene, but ratt2010aWarren DeMartini’s blazing guitar talent planted Ratt firmly in the upper echelon of hair nation.

I was already firmly becoming of fan of the Deer Creek venue and am eagerly looking forward to more experiences there this summer.

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka  The Concert Critic




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