Dave Grohl Meeting Naked Fan & Getting Cum Rag Will Blow Your Mind

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl had two interesting interview moments while in the U.K. this week. He was able to speak to the fan who got naked at Foo Fighters’ Glastonbury performance a couple of months ago on BBC Radio.

Grohl said to the naked fan, “Where have you been our whole lives? Thank you!”

He added, “I’m glad that we’re in contact now, and we weren’t that night. But listen, really honestly, the gig was amazing, and there were moments in that show that really blew my mind. But I have to say, I knew it was going to go down in history when I looked out and I saw your junk just hanging out all over.”

In an interview with the Matt and Jerry Show, Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins were given a ‘romance rag’ by the hosts.

Grohl said, “It’s a cum rag! Thank you so much. I’ll take it back to the room with me.”

He added, “Romance rag, that’s a very fancy way of saying cum rag.”

A host said, “No one’s used it yet.”

Grohl quipped back, “Not for long!”

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