On This Day in History

On this date in history, 9/3/1982, Heart and John Cougar (back before he officially changed his name to John Mellencamp) played a show at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. This was my first time seeing Mellencamp (or Cougar, for the purpose of this memory!) and he clearly was on the path to stardom.

His band was ultra professional, executing his songs with precision and confidence. John sang with authority and carried himself with the ease of someone born to the rock and roll stage. I recall being pretty irritated when a large chunk of the audience left after his set was over.

Heart took it in stride and played their hits and deep cuts with passion and intensity. I’ve always enjoyed the dynamic Wilson sisters and they balance each other so well…Ann, with the more powerful voice and jet black hair…Nancy, with the softer voice that compliments her sister so well, but also possessing her own fierceness, which she unleashes on acoustic and electric guitars. When they lit into “Barracuda”, all I could do was smile and think how foolish all those folks were who left early.

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