On This Day in History


On this date in history, 9/10/1987, some friends and I went to an event that wasn’t necessarily a concert, and although it was a comedy show, the comedian happened to be Sam Kinison, and that is as rock ‘n’ roll as comedy has ever gotten!

The show took place at Butler University’s esteemed Clowes Memorial Hall. Sam was brilliantly hilarious and his style made a major impact on my sense of humor! When he hit the stage, he walked up to the microphone, threw it, stand and all, directly to the ground and unleashed a primal scream like only he could. This set the tone (literally) for his entire performance. Sex, religion, differences between men and women, and tales of his wild lifestyle were some favorite topics, all hitting us with that unmistakable cadence of the evangelical fire and brimstone delivery that was Sam’s exclusive domain.

Sam Kinison LIVE (very) in 1986 – stereo HQ


The people I attended the show with have gone through some changes in their lifestyles since that time, so I’m going to respect their anonymity by withholding their names. I do hope they enjoyed the show as much as I did, because I laughed until my face undoubtedly changed colors several times! Long live Sam!!!

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka The Concert Critic

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