On This Day in History

On this date in history, 9/9/1984, I flew out to Los Angeles to visit a friend who was living there at that time. When I arrived, we drove immediately to the Universal Amphitheater to attend a show featuring Missing Persons and John Waite.

Due to my plane’s late arrival, we weren’t in time to catch John’s set, but Missing Persons played a phenomenal show. The band was made up of former members of Frank Zappa’s band and fronted by the outrageously costumed Dale Bozzio, who without a doubt paved the way (at least fashion wise) for Lady Gaga and many other women with her totally unique style.

At the time she was married to the band’s drummer, Terry Bozzio, one of the best drummer/percussionists of all-time! Honestly, I’m still puzzled why they didn’t become huge…they were simply amazing! Huge thanks to my friend for the surprise concert upon my arrival and for making my only trip to the city of angels such a fantastic time!

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka The Concert Critic aka Braddon S. Williams

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