On This Day in History

On this date in history, 9/20/1987, hair metal was inescapable, and Motley Crue & Whitesnake played a show together at Market Square Arena, in Indianapolis. I was there with 2 of my brothers who are no longer with us…Joe “Jughead” Kinney and Kent “Flounder” (later on changed to “Fish”) Hedges, but in ’87 they were quite lively and I’m sure all of us were feeling no pain! It was a killer show by both bands. Whitesnake made damn sure that the Crue would bring their “A” game in order to earn their headliner status and the Motley lads did just that. I think Tommy Lee was just beginning his never ending quest for the most over the top theatrical drum solos in rock! The levitating and spinning drum kit was a pretty revolutionary idea at that time and he won the crowd over with his play by play commentating via his headset microphone…another cutting edge development at that time. Oh yes, and I do miss the ladies of the late ’80’s with their big hair and skimpy outfits…I recall this show was quite well attended by hotties! Thank you, ladies…you rock my world!

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka The Concert Critic

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