Conspiracy Theory Posts That Trent Reznor Recently Appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Did Trent Reznor play one of those irritating “living statue” street performers on the most recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, “Namaste”? The question should immediately strike you as odd. For one thing, Reznor doesn’t act (although he was once briefly slated to make a cameo in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which didn’t actually end up happening). For another, if Reznor was going to make an attempt at acting, it seems unlikely that his debut would arrive in the form of a brief cameo on Curb.

And yet, after watching the episode, some Reznor fans are convinced that this was, indeed, the Nine Inch Nails frontman, decked out in silver, on the HBO sitcom.

site, it’s difficult to tell how much of this is meant to be a joke and how much of it isn’t… but the theory points to the cover of Strobe Light, a fake NIN album Reznor announced on April Fools’ Day 2009 as a way of satirizing Scream, Chris Cornell’s much-maligned foray into pop music. See, there’s a certain item Reznor wore on the Strobe Light “cover” that… well, here have a look for yourself:

Boy that’s co…incidental. Funny, but coincidental.

Few things in life would make me happier than imagining what the fucking fuck Larry David and Trent Reznor talked about while Reznor was on set, but I remain unconvinced. I guess we’ll see if Reznor says anything about the theory in the next few days…

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