Tom Morello Reports on Hearing ‘Epic, Majestic, Symphonic’ New Music From Tool by Michael Christopher

There has been much speculation recently that we’ll be hearing some new – and long awaited – music from Tool in the New Year, and going by a new Instagram post from Prophets of Rage guitarist Tom Morello, there’s just cause for getting hopes high.

“Had the honor of being the first outsider to hear new #TOOL music today!!” Morello posted late yesterday (Dec. 11) along with a pic of him with some of the band members. “Still just instrumentals but sounded epic, majestic, symphonic, brutal, beautiful, tribal, mysterious, deep, sexy and VERY Tool. Really great. So excited to hear the record when it’s finished.”

Morello and the guys from Tool have a history, with the guitarist and Tool axe slinger Adam Jones having played together in a band called Electric Sheep while in high school together. Later, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan sang on the Rage Against the Machine track “Know Your Enemy” from the band’s 1992 debut.

Last week, Tool drummer Danny Carey told us that we can expect to hear new material from the band, their first since the LP 10,000 Days, which came out in 2006. “Yes. I’m saying definitely,” he said. ” We’ll probably have it done in the first half [of the year] if things go as planned. There’s setup times and manufacturing – I can never predict all that, it seems like it’s constantly evolving. [What time of year it will be out] I can’t tell you.”

When questioned about Carey’s comments by a Twitter follower, Maynard James Keenan offered a one word (or action) response:

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