MASTODON Wins A Grammy For “Sultan’s Curse” In The Best Metal Performance Category

Re-posted From Metal Injection

Hey, did you check out the Grammy’s rock and metal segments on television? Well unfortunately if you wanted to or not, they don’t televise that whole portion. It pissed off Avenged Sevenfold to the point where they boycotted the whole award show, but quite a few metal bands still showed up.

One of the bands in attendance was Mastodon, who finally won a Grammy for their song “Sultan’s Curse” off their 2017 album Emperor Of Sand in the Best Metal Performance category. More importantly, guitarist and vocalist Brent Hinds didn’t get kicked out of the show this year, and Brann Dailor may or may not have won “Best Dressed.” Hinds doesn’t appear in the photo below, so maybe he did get booted…

Mastodon beat out August Burns Red‘s “Invisible Enemy,” Body Count‘s “Black Hoodie,” Code Orange‘s “Forever,” and Meshuggah‘s “Clockworks” for the award. Metallica also congratulated the band in the comments section of the photo below, saying “Congrats boys!”

Oh, and Avenged Sevenfold didn’t win in the Best Rock Song category – “Run” by Foo Fighters did.

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