Lorde Hints at Performing Unreleased Music on Upcoming Tour

By: Nina Braca

Pop superstar Lorde took to her Instagram in the early hours on Friday (Feb. 16) to update her fans on her Melodrama Tour, which picks up again next month.

“Just wanted to drop you a message that tour rehearsals are going well. It’s all very exciting. I think you’re going to be quite excited for this tour,” she said on her Instagram story, dropping a little hint to further excite fans. “I may or may not have dug up a song that we wrote during the Melodrama sessions that didn’t make it. One that I really love. “

Lorde also suggested that while the tour will be special, it’s also going to warrant some well-deserved time off. “This is sort of the big elaborate farewell to this album. I’m going to do a couple more shows then go home.”

The “Green Light” singer also announced that she will be growing out her hair again, after famously chopping it off last year before her album. “I decided it’s time to have long hair again. I’m growing it out” she said. “I want to be as long as possible. Maybe to my kneecaps.”

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