METALLICA’s James Hetfield Gives 1,000 Acres of Land Over To Permanently Be Open Space

[via Mercury News]

Metallica‘s own James Hetfield might sing about the ills of man, but he’s looking to make the world a better place. Hetfield has officially turned over 1,000 acres of land to the Marin Agricultural Land Trust which the trust’s Board of Supervisors has signed off on as of Tuesday, February 27.

Outside of this donation, Hetfield has donated an additional 770 acres of land to the state between 2005 and 2009 as well.

Here’s what the Hetfield family had to say in a recent statement.

“Our family is very happy to work with [Marin County Open Space District] and [Marin Agricultural Land Trust] on re-establishing agriculture and maintaining the scenic corridor of the ranch. We believe this is a huge community benefit, and one of our goals is to keep agriculture on the ranch for a very long time.”

As a quick sidenote – James Hetfield has been making headlines for some interesting stuff lately. Dude’s donating land and starring in films about murderers, or two things that wouldn’t really go together otherwise

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