Disturbed Tease Explosive New Music Clip in Studio

By: Joe DiVita via Loudwire

We last heard from Disturbed two months ago when they checked in from the studio as they worked on their acoustic EP. While the status of that release remains veiled in mystery, this newest update suggests that they’ve possibly completed work on the EP and are making progress on the successor to 2015’s comeback record, Immortalized.

The video (seen above), doesn’t give away too much, initially spotlighting equipment including consoles, John Moyer‘s bass and studio microphones. Bits of new music can be overheard as guitarist Dan Donegan lays down a lead and David Draiman fleshes out vocal patterns. Toward the end, an explosive passage is played which features the full band, hinting that perhaps Disturbed are nearly finished working on their forthcoming studio album as vocals are traditionally the last element to be tracked before the material enters the mixing and mastering phase.

“We have this idea of disconnect — how technology has consumed us. We’re stuck with our faces in our phones and not enjoying the real world,” says Draiman, suggesting that this next record may embrace a theme or maybe it’s just one of the songs. We’ll find out soon enough.

Earlier this year, Disturbed revealed they were in the studio with producer Kevin Churko (Five Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne). It is not know if Churko is overseeing both the acoustic and new album sessions. As for the acoustic material, Draiman confirmed the release will boast both original material and re-workings of older songs.

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