“Influences and Recollections of a Musical Mind!”

I am beginning a year-long process of musical recollections, one album per day, no chronological order or rhyme or reason…just records that I have listened to throughout the years and been influenced by. Some will be cutting edge current, others classic well known and obvious choices. Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin seems as good a place to start as any…I was 13 years old at the time this was released in 1975. Back then, music fans discovered new releases by reading magazines such as Creem, Circus, Rolling Stone and Hit Parader to gather info about upcoming projects. Zeppelin had taken a year off to prepare this masterpiece and the resulting double album was full of incredible new material, including Ten Years Gone, Kashmir, In The Light, The Rover, and Trampled Underfoot. I still consider Physical Graffiti one of their best and it remains a testament to the mysterious and magical entity known as Led Zeppelin.

By: Braddon S. Williams

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