“Influences and Recollections of a Musical Mind!”

Day 2 in my year-long odyssey of influential albums takes us to the year 1973 and the album Over-nite Sensation by Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention. It actually took me a few years to discover this one, but an upperclassman with a car (and an 8 track player!) demanded that my friends and I ride around out in the country and discover the joy of Zappa while partying on the weekend. Of course, my mind was blown away by this brilliant, irreverent and astonishing display of musical madness concocted by the genius of Frank Zappa. As a budding guitarist at the time, I was on board for Frank’s incredible playing and tone as a master of the electric guitar, but his entire band were just a well oiled machine capable of the most intricate time signatures and complex song structures, yet simultaneously funky and fun throughout the seven often hilarious tunes on this album. I became a fan on the strength of this particular record and will continue to worship at the altar of Zappa until my dying day!

Written By: Braddon S. Williams

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