Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

PanterA took the crown in 1992 as the undisputed kings of metal in my listening choices. Dimebag Darrell became my favorite all time metal guitarist, and the rest of the band, including his brother Vinnie on drums, Rex Brown on bass, and the master of attitude, Phil Anselmo on vocals, all dominated in their roles. A band is generally greater than the sum of its parts, and PanterA were definitely a machine built to destroy. This album dropped in the heyday of MTV’s Headbanger Ball, a late night showcase for all music of a hard and heavy pedigree. The first video from Vulgar Display Of Power was the lead off track, Mouth For War…shot in stark black and white, the clip set the tone for the brutality the Texas based band specialized in. Further videos for Walk and This Love cemented PanterA’s dominance. These songs, along with By Demons Be Driven, A New Level, and Hollow were my personal favorites, but the album has no weakness. The song title that summed up the PanterA battle plan perfectly, Fucking Hostile, was always a live favorite, and as great as this album is, the stage is where this band truly made their stand and their legacy.

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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