Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Pink Floyd + headphones = sonic bliss. That was one recipe for success in my teenage years when I was discovering the artists who would become the foundations of my musical taste. Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd’s 1975 masterpiece, was just so beautifully produced and conceived. I would just get lost in Shine On You Crazy Diamond, which opened side one and closed side two. Built on that haunting 4 note refrain, the song perfectly captured the essence of madness, mental instability, and the mysterious Syd Barrett, who allegedly showed up at one of the recording sessions (nearly unrecognizable with shaved eyebrows) after being away from the band for nearly 8 years at that time. The title song is a timeless classic that will still sound amazing 100 years from now. Have A Cigar was sung by Roy Harper, another British singer and friend of the band, and was another favorite of mine. There will be more Pink Floyd showing up on this list, but this is definitely my favorite album of theirs.

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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