Influences And Recollections if a Musical Mind

The Downward Spiral, Trent Reznor’s harrowing account of a man’s descent into madness and attempted suicide from 1994, is an album that will likely be on my playlist forever. Nine Inch Nails recorded in the house where the first night of the infamous Manson murders took place. Whether or not any psychic energy pervading that house influenced the material and sound remains to be seen, but Reznor definitely tapped into something that resonated with music fans in the ’90’s. I won’t even attempt to break it down into favorite songs. This album exists as a whole, like a thrilling book or movie, and should be experienced from beginning to end at least once. Some music evokes the time it was recorded in and sounds dated eventually. To my ears, The Downward Spiral remains timeless, a testament to Trent Reznor’s vision and remarkable ability to channel emotion through machines.

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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