​GG Allin: The Man Shat Himself On Stage And Smeared It On His Face In The Name Of Punk

Music has it’s extremes. One the one hand it has Taylor Swift constructed niceness and pastel colours and then there’s the dark underbelly of pain. Sometimes that’s populated by truly gifted musicians, the David Bowies, Kurt Cobains and Jim Morrisons of the world.

And then there’s GG Allin.

It’s been almost twenty-five years since he died, but he is still one of the most hated and villified “punk stars” of all time, he makes Marilyn Manson and Ozzie Osborne look like choir boys. Sid Vicious is a sweetheart compared to this man.

His performances usually involved guzzling laxatives, stripping naked,excreting on stage, throwing his poo at audience members and then beating them up. It’s a kind of performance art I suppose

Noteworthy in that he went one further than his idols, like Iggy Pop, rather than actually being musical, he’s gone down in history as a crazy act.

Grim Childhood

Credit: http://www.ggallin.com

Jesus Christ Allin, as he was born in ’56, had a very troubled upbringing. His dad thought that he would be the second Messiah, so insisted he was named after him. His older brother couldn’t say Jesus though, and called him GG – and it stuck.

Growing up the family had no running water or electricity, but his reclusive and overly religious father did have graves dug for them in the cellar.

But GG said his upbringing gave him a “warrior soul”. His mother ran away with her two sons, and tried to raise them as normal as possible, but at this point a lot of damage had been done.

At school he was bullied, was diagnosed with average intelligence, borderline personality and multiple personality disorder. and began crossdressing from his fondness of the New York Dolls.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Credit: http://www.ggallin.com

He started playing in bands in the ’80s, first as a drummer and then as a front man – during this period he also developed a heroin addiction.

The first time he crapped onstage was kind of an accident, explained a fellow performer: “I was with him when he bought the Ex-Lax. Unfortunately, he ate it hours before the show, so he constantly had to hold it in or he would’ve shit before he got onstage… After he defected onstage, complete chaos broke out in the hall… All of the old men in charge of the hall went fucking NUTS!.. Hundreds of confused punk kids were flipping out, running out the door, because the smell was INCREDIBLE.”

GG thought it was great and started doing it on a regular basis. He thought he was a true rock ‘n’ roller – anti-authoritarian, a true punk. And in that sense, perhaps he truly was.

He started doing spoken-word pieces and became obsessed with serial killers. He also started getting done for assault.

The Halloween Suicide Promise

One of the reasons that GG Allin attracted such a cult following was that he promised to kill himself onstage on Halloween. People were morbidly fascinated by GG – he had no boundaries. And it seemed like he would do it.

He said he would kill himself onstage in ’89 – but the only thing that got in the way was that he ended up in jail. So he wrote into a music magazine saying he would do it the next Halloween. Only to get locked up again.

Every year he promised that he would commit suicide but he always ended up in prison.

Hated – a Documentary

There’s a documentary about GG Allin – called Hated. It follows the controversial punk artist who toured with his band the Murder Junkies for fourteen years between. A person called Bat Puller: “My interest in Allin is akin to the kind of interest one would have in reading true crime novels about serial killers.”

Mr James Daniel wrote: That said, if you like the thought of a tuneless fat no-mark having a dump on stage & smearing himself in it & attacking women (with furniture!) YOU WILL LOVE THIS.”

Heroin Overdose

After playing what would turn out to be his last live performance, GG Allin and his entourage of friends and acquaintances made their way through the streets of Manhattan, trying to make it back to a friend’s apartment to finish out the night that had ended all too early. The club, known as The Gas Station, had cut the power and kicked the crowd out of the venue after Allin had encouraged the crowd into a near riot, destroying everything in their path.

A nearly naked Allin and a few friends, including a woman named Liz, found their way to a guy named Johnny Puke’s apartment where they gathered up the rest of their coke, a fresh batch of heroin, and some Jim Beam to wash it all down. Over the course of the next few hours, they devoured their stash until Allin passed out, at which point the group decided it would be funny to take the infamous Polaroids with the incapacitated rocker. Puke even recalled how “[they] were cuddling with him and smiling in the photos.” Apparently (at least according to Puke), Allin had still been snoring when they took the photographs, but by morning he was literally out cold and completely blue, wearing nothing but “a cut-off jean jacket, Liz’s skirt, those boots, and a silver Nazi helmet that he loved.”

GG Was Buried Still Covered In Feces From His Last Show

After Allin’s friends called the cops, they hid the rest of their drugs on the roof and watched as police confiscated their creepily incriminating Polaroids, bagged up Allin, and carried his body down the building’s five flights of stairs.

Allin’s funeral was only a few days later on July 3, 1993, with an open-casket service that befit the performer. At his brother’s request, Allin’s body was not embalmed, nor was it even washed, leaving the notorious punk rocker in a time capsule of his own demise, literally covered in his own feces and bloated as his body had begun to decay.

Despite the smell and morbidity of this scene, Allin’s funeral quickly turned into an impromptu party celebrating his life. Friends even buried him with a bottle of Jim Beam, which they were sure to give him a few swigs of before securing it under his left arm.

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