Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Another single disk live album from the ’70’s, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Live, from 1975, was something I stumbled upon by reading about the band in some music magazine. The album cover had a bunch of cool little pictures of the group’s performance and looked really cool, so I bought it and fell in love with their sound. Alex Harvey was Scottish and by all accounts an absolutely fantastic live performer, a born front man and entertainer. He acted out parts in songs like a method actor inhabits characters in a movie. The rest of the band was dynamic as well, most notably guitarist Zal Cleminson, who performed in mime makeup and clown like costumes. I never saw them live, but based solely on the music on this live album, I imagine they were absolutely sensational to witness on the stage. These songs rock, and demonstrate lyrical and musical skills in abundance. Faith Healer, Vambo, Give My Compliments To The Chef, and The Tomahawk Kid are among my favorites. My only complaint is that they should have made it a double album and given us more!

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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