Weezer’s “Africa” cover is their biggest hit in nearly a decade

By: Lake Schatz

The band’s take on the Toto classic has entered the Billboard Hot 100 Charts

Weezer fulfilled a year-long, fan-led campaign last month when they covered the Toto classic “Africa”. But what started out as little more than a fun and generous gesture for fans has actually turned into the one of the band’s biggest hits.

As Pitchfork points out, Weezer’s “Africa” rendition has entered the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, placing at No. 89. It’s technically their highest charting song since 2009, when Raditude single “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” notched the No. 81 spot. The lesson here? Be a good sport to your listeners every once in awhile!

Along with support from fans and the charts, Toto guitarist and co-founder Steve Lukather has expressed his approval of the cover. He also promised to one day return the favor by taking on a Weezer song.

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