Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Some albums (and music in general) transport us to the time we were actively listening to it. Orgasmatron (1986) is one of those albums for me personally. I was drinking a lot, hanging out with my friends and playing dungeons & dragons (with the books and the dice and all the imagination) and watching The Young Ones on MTV every Sunday night with my rowdy friends. Motörhead made an appearance on that show and I went out and bought this ball crushing record. The very first song (Deaf Forever) was the perfect soundtrack to a D&D battle scenario, with a relentless riff and Lemmy’s apocalyptic lyrics. Other highlights were the hilariously descriptive Dr. Rock “Chin up, shoulders back/You’ve got a body like a Marshall stack” (priceless!), and of course, the monstrously heavy title song. I share the same birthday as Lemmy, a fun fact I wear with pride and honor! Buy Orgasmatron in any format you can find, and crank it as loud as you possibly can!

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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