Google Told Everyone Tool’s New Album Was Out

by Graham Hartmann July 16, 2018 Via Livewire

Google gave Tool fans the shock of their lives this morning (July 16) by informing everyone the band’s new album had been released. With a Google Alert, countless fans were sent into a frenzy, only to realize it wasn’t the “Tool” they were hoping for.

magine how many fans have a Google Alert for Tool set up, just so they could get the scoop on the elusive new album in real time. For a second, Tool followers believed that sacred day had finally arrived, as Google alerted them, “lllutionWorld by Tool was released today,” followed by a list of songs featured on the record:


Turns out IllutionWorld does exist, but it’s by a Soundcloud rapper called TOOL$. Ouch. Instead of feasting like a sultan on Tool’s first album since 2005, fans wore the news like a crown of negativity, and who could blame them?

Rough start to the week, but Tool fans can at least revel in the fact that Maynard James Keenan guaranteed new music will come around in 2019. Whether that means a new album, song, or live debut of a portion of a track, ala “Descending” — we have no clue. Stay tuned for more new Tool album news as it breaks.

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