Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Lamb Of God bulldozed their way into heavy rotation in my metal listening habits in 2003 with As The Palaces Burn. I discovered them one night while watching the rebooted Headbangers Ball on MTV, via their video for the song Ruin. The video itself was pretty intense, but what struck me from the beginning was the tightness of the band and the overall presence of Randy Blythe, their charismatic/manic lead singer. I went out and bought the cd and discovered quickly that Blythe was a talented and thoughtful lyricist, as well. Having Devin Townsend produce the album was an inspired choice, considering that Townsend’s band at the time, Strapping Young Lad, were a crushing force in their own right. Townsend brought focus and clarity to the guitars of Mark Morton and Willie Adler, and focused on the detonating bomb of Chris Adler’s drums and John Campbell’s bass attack. My top picks for song highlights include Ruin, Vigil, A Devil In God’s Country, Purified, Boot Scraper, and As The Palaces Burn. Lamb Of God would go on to produce better records, but this one was the beginning for me, and a fierce beginning it was!

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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