Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Hair metal was a big thing in 1987, but nothing prepared us for Guns N’ Roses. When Appetite For Destruction dropped, the rules of the game instantly changed. Here was a band that looked similar to lots of others, but sounded like no-one else at that time. They sounded fierce, feral…dangerous! With Axl Rose up front and the top hat wearing, Les Paul wielding Slash on lead guitar, Guns N’ Roses had more of a punk rock attitude and a grittier worldview than most of the party obsessed bands of the day. Not that they didn’t party (they did…a LOT), but they just stood out from the pack. Songs like Mr. Brownstone, My Michelle, Anything Goes, Rocket Queen, Think About You, and It’s So Easy were just full of sleazy riffs, dripping with debauchery and menace. Then there were the 3 dominant videos that ruled MTV for over a year…Welcome To The Jungle, Sweet Child O’ Mine, and Paradise City. In a word, Guns N’ Roses were unstoppable. They eventually found a way to stop themselves, but for a time, their debut was the shining light of hard rock hedonism, and it still kicks ass all these years later.

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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