Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Thirty years ago (1988) Jane’s Addiction released their major label debut, Nothing’s Shocking, and it was shockingly good. By nature, Jane’s Addiction has always been an explosive unit, with lots of public and private bickering between band members. All of this strife made for some great high tension music, and paved the way for the alternative music explosion of the 1990’s. Perry Farrell, the group’s singer, lyricist, and conceptual artist, went on to found the Lollapalooza festival. Farrell’s distinctive voice and hypnotizing stage presence, combined with Dave Navarro’s hard rocking guitar style, Eric Avery’s liquid and melodic bass lines, and Stephen Perkins’ limber percussion attack, all coalesced into a distinctive sound that was fresh and radical at the time. Nothing’s Shocking was sequenced really well, and I often played it from start to finish, however, some of my favorites on the disc were Ted, Just Admit It, Standing In The Shower…Thinking, Ocean Size, Pigs In Zen, and Summertime Rolls. Jane Says was a pretty big hit with its steel drums and trance inducing acoustic rhythms. Jane’s Addiction were a great live band, too, and although they go inactive for long periods of time, they remain interesting and fierce when they decide to make music together.

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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