Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Although it is a compilation of previously released music, 1984’s Bad Music For Bad People by The Cramps was my introduction to the iconic punk/psychobilly/garage punk/gothabilly band. Whatever genre you want to associate them with, The Cramps were glorious. Lux Interior rivaled the almighty Iggy Pop as a front man and poster child for alternative lifestyles. His wife (guitarist Poison Ivy Rorschach) matched and complimented him in fashion style and musical vision. They remained the constant members of the band from its beginning to Interior’s death in 2009. I haven’t talked too much about the cover art for the albums on my list, but there are some amazing and unforgettable images running throughout the entire collection. The cover of Bad Music is what first lured me in….once seen, it is nearly impossible to forget. Once inside, the songs are so unique and cool, completely represented by the title and cover image. My favorite is a cover of an old ’50’s tune called Love Me, but New Kind Of Kick, Drug Train, She Said, Garbageman, TV Set, and I Can’t Hardly Stand It are all amazing examples of the brilliance of one of punk rock’s elite bands.

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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