Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

De-Loused In The Comatorium by The Mars Volta (2003) is one of the strangest albums I own, but it is truly amazing, no doubt about it. I’m not overly concerned with placing music in genre’s (or sub-genre’s) which is probably a good thing in this case, because The Mars Volta’s music was a chaotic blend of so many different styles and influences. Comparisons to Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, early Santana, and even Miles Davis were mentioned in reviews of this album. It is a concept album based on a short story by the singer and the “sound manipulation artist” but I only know this from just now looking it up. For me, the music and the overall sound of this record just took me on a great wave of exploration. I never really attempted to understand the lyrics and it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the songs. My favorite tracks include Inertiatic ESP, Televators, This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed, Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of), and Cicatriz ESP. Maybe someday I will try to figure out all the deep meaning, but The Mars Volta rocked, and that is pretty much good enough for me. Oh yes, and Flea played bass on it, can’t go wrong with that!

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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