Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Eclectic barely begins to scratch the surface when attempting to describe the music of Mr. Bungle. When their self-titled debut album dropped in 1991, Mike Patton had already made a name for himself in Faith No More, who had originally heard a demo recording of him with Mr. Bungle. Patton’s success with the hit “Epic” with Faith No More paved the way for Mr. Bungle’s signing, but nothing would prepare the world for the smorgasbord of sonic delights their debut would serve up. Every song on Mr. Bungle changes direction, genre, and styles multiple times with no warning. As experimental as the music is, it is also wildly entertaining and catchy at times. Some of my favorites include Quote Unquote (originally titled Travolta), Love Is A Fist, The Girls Of Porn, Egg, Slowly Growing Deaf, My Ass Is On Fire, and Squeeze Me Macaroni (the song the Red Hot Chili Peppers wish they had written!). If you have a taste for the bizarre, then Mr. Bungle is the band for you.

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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