Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Black Oak Arkansas made an impression on me in several ways. I most likely first heard them via their classic remake of an old ’50’s song, Jim Dandy, on AM radio. After that I saw them on a live broadcast from a gigantic music festival called California Jam in 1974, which lead me eventually to this live album they released the previous year. Raunch ‘N’ Roll Live was a bit unorthodox in that 4 of the 7 songs on the album were new songs. Bands just didn’t operate that way, but the record company figured that since Black Oak were such a great live band, this was the best way to make some money off of them. Jim “Dandy” Mangrum and his triple threat guitar army certainly brought the attitude and the showmanship on stage and this record was the next best thing to being there. The three “older” songs were my favorites, especially Mutants Of The Monster and When Electricity Came To Arkansas, but the new stuff eventually became classics, too. Black Oak Arkansas have been a band since 1963 and have probably had more lineup changes than nearly any band in history. Jim Dandy just keeps on going to the rescue…go, Jim Dandy, gooooooooooo!

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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