Metallica Remastered

Listening to the remastered version of ” Dyers Eve ” , from the upcoming ” Justice ” remaster album .. THIS song affected me tremendously as a very disillusioned 14 yr old , who’s home life was absolute shit ….Still does ..When I was 14 ( 1988 ) , Metallica fans weren’t just metal fans .. We were part of our own sub tribe … NOTHING ELSE compared … I can still remember being in 10th grade when the preppy , jock kids , who’s parents bought them fancy cars and had the money to put loud systems in them , would blast ” one ” , because of how the kick drum hit.. They would come up to us and proclaim their ” love ” for Metallica ” over that one song and then go back to listening to MC hammer or whatever other shit was popular at the time … Our response would typically be ..” fuck you , poser!!” , after which you could probably expect a fight ( or jumping , as they NEVER engaged one on one ..) Oh , those high schools memories !! Funny thing is , I haven’t changed much , and I still love Metallica !

Written By John Adams

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